Past Life Regression Academy Testimonials

The following are just a small selection of testimonials from Past Life Regression Academy students that have been trained in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and Africa since it started in 2002.

"I just want to express my sincere gratitude. I honestly felt like I had at last come home when we were all together last week! I feel as if I am already deeply connected to this therapy and its been waiting for me. As I read further into this subject, particularly in the connection with the spiritual realm, I often spontaneously burst into tears, its as if I have found my true language. Bless you for giving this to us. It has changed my life. I have found home and I realise now that I've been looking for it for a very long time. I am sure now this connection is wide open, I will blossom in it, thank you so much."
R.S. South Africa

"The course was delivered with love and intelligence. The ambience was amazing and the trainers where so generous with their time and knowledge. Nothing was to much trouble. The optional evening sessions were absolutely fascinating and the venue fab. I so loved my four days."
C.H. Worcs, UK.

"This training was the best course of my lifetime of education, and believe me, I have taken many, many psychology and spirituality courses in the past. The program changed my entire outlook on life and transformed me in the process."
J.S. Charlotte, USA.

"Attending the training was the day I found who I really was as a soul. The therapy transformed me from a shy, restricted person into a confident and out going one who cannot wait to see what life throws at me next. The transformation was done in a loving, caring and compassionate way. The Academy saved my soul and now my path is to help others to forgive, find themselves, love and to be loved, and most of all to set themselves free like I have."
O. N. Somerset, UK.

"I am so grateful for all the hard work and love that the trainers shared with me during my learning experience. This is one of the most valued therapy recognitions for me, as it opened so many doors to me in a professional sense and spiritually. I can now see that my growth has no boundaries and that is so exciting."
Y.K. Australia.

"It has been for most amazing journey getting to this point. I would like to thank the Academy for providing me with such a thorough and profession training, It is wonderful knowing I am working on such a solid foundation, I do not think I could have got this anywhere else."
J.R. London, UK

"I have to say the course far surpassed any expectations I had and the level of personal transformation witnessed in the group and me personally was way beyond what I thought might come up. What a great way to learn. I cannot wait to continue the journey."
S.C. Cheltenham, UK

"My original goal was between lives, but I really fell in love with regression therapy. It can be so rich and I love the transformations, seeing people become lighter and more joyful, and realising who they really are. I love this work also because I can further develop my creativity and sensitivity. And I love working with emotions and spirit. Thank you from my heart."
A.M. Netherlands

"Thank you so, so much for the wonderful course, it was the most amazing, fantastic, thrilling, marvellous, mystical experience of my life. It was a magical few days and has enhanced my skills no end. I practically flew all the way home. It was great meeting like minded individuals and sharing stories of our journeys in life as well as training together and all the fun things we did in the evenings. Your method of teaching is second to none, and your caring nature and sense of fun made it a very enjoyable experience indeed. I cannot wait for another workshop."
L.H. Wales.

A Student's Story

"I had spent the last nine years exploring my connection to holistic methods of health and healing whilst continuing to work as a mental health nurse in various settings. As my spiritual beliefs had grown and developed I had become increasingly uncomfortable with the methods of treatment I was able to offer within my nursing role.

I had studied Indian Head Massage and Yoga and explored Hypnotherapy as part of my BSc in Health Studies and despite feeling a pull to pursue my training as a Hypnotherapist, I just had not felt a connection with the courses on offer to me at the time in Scotland.

It was in the cold December of 2009 that my night time reading became increasingly focused on past life regression which led me to discover the courses offered by Andy Tomlinson at the Past Life Regression Academy in England and throughout the world. I felt a surge of elation as I read the course content and schedule, a perfect combination of professionalism and spirituality, completely in keeping with my spiritual beliefs. I knew without question this course was perfect for me.

My elation quickly deflated as the practical issues of money and time away from my family loomed into my awareness. My husband had not long been made redundant and had used his pay out to re train and had set up his own business in a time of financial uncertainties. I did not have the money for my flight to England let alone the entire course! Despite these areas of concern there was a deep sense of knowing within me that Regression Therapy was my future. With no idea how I would pay for the course or juggle my responsibilities with work and family I took a leap of faith and enrolled for the training.

From that moment on it has felt like I have been carried on a wave of positive energy supporting me to reach my highest potential. At each and every step of the way all of my needs have been met in every imaginable way. Money appeared when I most needed it, childcare arranged and work holidays granted effortlessly! Despite my intuitive knowing that this was the perfect training program for me, I have been utterly astounded by the profound impact it has had on my life, my family, friends, and now my clients.

Within the training program the Academy creates a unique, truly beautiful and sacred environment to heal personal issues and to learn these amazing, transformative techniques. This healing journey has enhanced my life in every imaginable way. I have now left nursing and work from home as a Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist and have recently organised some talks and workshops as the interest is growing rapidly in this fascinating area of healing. I am so proud to offer these life changing therapies to others and feel truly blessed to be a part of my clients earthly journey.

If you too feel that connection to the Past Life Regression Academy, I would encourage you to go within, listen to that inner voice, that intuitive knowing and to follow your heart. The beautiful vibrant light of your own essence awaits you."
J.T. Scotland: