Spiritual Self Development Online

Information on spiritual self development by Past Life Regression Academy trainers to assist those moving to the new consciousness by transforming past lives, empowering the divine feminine and embodying the divine consciousness.

Transitioning to the New Consciousness Meditation Course

meditation online

We are currently going through a monumental shift in consciousness and that involves going through a big change ourselves. Change can be confusing, chaotic and fearful. This 12 week meditation course helps navigate this time of change with grace and calm - and assists the shift into the New Consciousness by detaching external influences - so we can embrace our authentic selves. The course is by Reena Kumarasingham in English and the fee is £55. For more click here.

Empowering the Divine Feminine

empowering the divine feminine online

This is an in depth journey to understand and empower the Divine Feminine within us all, both men and women. It draws from the wisdom of Mary Magdalene in the book The Magdalene Lineage – Past Life Journeys into Sacred Feminine Mysteries by Reena Kumarasingham. The course has all the important tips and techniques to empower the Divine Feminine within us to help move towards Oneness and Wholeness. It's by Reena in English and the fee is £247. For more click here.

Embodying the Divine Consciousness

embodying divine consciousness online

The course is inspired from the teachings in the book The Divine Consciousness by Reena Kumarasingham. It enables us to go within to realign and embody the Divine Consciousness – our pure essence. Today with the rise of the new vibrations we have a choice. We can choose to stay in the belief of the external God, or we can incorporate the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness within. Here there is no separation with others and we can rise and shine like the radiant beings we are. The course is by Reena Kumarasingham in English and the fee is £247. click here.