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Information on past life and regression therapy news, including new books, conferences and new training workshops.

Soul Evolution Self Development - March 2020
Amazing Research Breakthrough using Brain Scanners - November 2019
Exploring the Eternal Soul v2 - March 2019
Shrouded Truth, a new biblical past life book - March 2018
6th Regression Therapy Worldwide Congress - September 2017
Academy research with unexplainable pain - March 2017
Article about past life regression in the UKCP - Nov 2016
New Hypnotherapy Book with Past Life Regression - Sept 2015
Advanced Vibration Techniques for New Plane - July 2015
Spiritual Regression Shows with Reena on Moore TV - February 2015
Results Medical Doctors are getting using Regression Therapy - August 2014
Large Order of books on Regression Therapy - June 2013
Group Created for Medical Research with Regression Therapy - April 2013
Research on the Therapeutic Effects of Past Life Regression - January 2013
Videos on the Soul Journey - July 2012

Soul Evolution Self Development - March, 2020

Evolving as souls involves clearing the wounds from the past including unresolved past lives. As an alternative to having past life therapy personal self help is being made available so its possible to start clearing these old wounds and bring more love into your life. More information shortly. For more on Soul Evolution Self Development.

Amazing Research Breakthrough using Brain Scanners - November, 2019

Using Magnetic Functional Resonance brain scanners a team led by medical doctors have discovered past life memories are located in a different part of the brain than current life memories or imagination.

Exploring the Eternal Soul v2 - March, 2019

A new section has been added to this popular book about the soul memories between lives. It provides much-needed information about everything from trapped spirits to demonic beings, from the purpose of incarnation to life on other planets, from legends of Atlantis to the future of humanity, and from multiple realities to the true nature of time. For more click.

Shrouded Truth, a new biblical past life book - March, 2018

The book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period. Emotional and at times dramatic, readers are given an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus. For more click.

6th World Congress Regression Therapy - October, 2017

regression therapy news at WCRT5

The congress was held in Goa, India and had the theme unlocking your creativity. It covered ways of releasing the potential that therapists have and giving an opportunity to break out of old ways of doing things to try new techniques and approaches.

Academy research with unexplainable pain - March, 2017

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In a review of the case studies over 7 years submitted by students for a Regression Therapy Diploma, of 865 clients 638 had a physical pain with an emotional source as one of their symptoms. The detail breakdown being; Neck, back and shoulder pain (91) IBS and bowel problems (84) Chest, lung and breathing problems (52) Headaches and migraines (161) Heart related problems (71) Stomach problems (124) Other (49). The average measurement before the sessions (across all conditions with ten being worst pain possible) was 7.9 and after all the therapy sessions it was 0.9.

Article about past life regression in the UKCP - November, 2016

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An article written for the Journal of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy.

It discusses if psychotherapists should treat past life regression seriously, covers the therapeutic history using past lives, and taboos and myths psychotherapists may have with its use.

New Hypnotherapy Book with Past Life Regression - September, 2015

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The third edition of Clinical Hypnosis Textbook by Professor Ursula James is a reference used to train medical doctors in hypnotherapy. It covers the process and techniques of clinical hypnotherapy and has practical suggestions of the best approach to take.

This edition has a chapter on past life regression written by the Academy training director Andy Tomlinson.

Training in Advanced Vibration Techniques for New Plane - July, 2015

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The first workshop was held in July 2015 and provided an experience of living in the New Plane of Existence. It included how to work and harness advanced vibrational energies and gave students practical tools to take back to their home life. The next workshop will be in July 2017 and based at Mt. Shasta, California, USA.

Spiritual Regression Shows with Reena on Moore TV - February, 2015

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The first internet show was broadcast in February 2015 and others will be released over 2015. They cover a wide range of spiritual aspects including an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Alan Sanderson who was the first medical professional doing spirit releasement in the UK, author Sue Stone on how to achieve happiness, spiritual emergency pioneers Catherine Lucas and Janet Treloar and more.

Results Medical Doctors Get Using Regression Therapy - August, 2014

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Inner Healing Journey - A Medical Perspective published in August is the first book where multiple medical doctors from around the world share their healing stores using past life regression.

Case studies using regression therapy includes resolving Asthma, unexplainable Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Disorder, resolving the emotions triggered during a marriage crisis and finding self love.

Large Order of Regression Therapy Books - June, 2013

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The Buddhist fellowship in Singapore have just ordered 500 of the books by Dr. Peter Mack to circulate to its members. Peter is a graduate from the Past Life Regression Academy. His books Healing Deep Hurt Within and Life Changing Moments in Inner Healing are about resolving medical problems not responsive to traditional medication using Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy. A variety of symptoms including blackouts, insomnia, rage, loss of memory and unexplainable pain are resolved by transforming the underlying emotional issue.

This is what one reader wrote. "The moment I started reading I was glued to the book till the end. I’ve learnt so much from this book. Definitely a must read."

Group Created for Medical Research with Regression Therapy - April 2013

Medical Research with Medical Research

A meeting took place in Porto, Portugal on 20th and 21st April with 14 medical doctors including psychiatrists and medical specialists, and 5 psychologists to form the Society of Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy - SMARRT. It was hosted by Andy Tomlinson, Reena Kumarasingham and Sueli Simoes and had attendees from Brazil, Portugal, Singapore, Italy, UK and Germany.

This international group of researchers shared the vision to bring about the integration of complimentary and holistic approaches into medicine. The aim of the society is conducting research led by medical doctors using regression therapy, raising the awareness of the effectiveness of regression therapy as a healing tool and promoting regression therapy to the medical profession and the wider public.

Two research projects were identified. The first based in Italy will use MRI scans to identify changes in the brain while subjects undergo regression therapy for social phobia. The second working with regression therapy on subjects with long term chronic pain will be done in Portugal, Brazil and Germany. What makes this work special is that both these research projects use therapy standards promoted by the Past Life Regression Academy and are led by medical doctors that will bring the results into the medical profession.

Research on the Therapeutic Effects of Past Life Regression - January 2013

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Dr. Heather Rivera has just released a book called Healing the Present from the Past which contains the results of her research on the healing benefits of past life regression.

One hundred and eighty confidential surveys were analysed from respondents of various ages, gender and religious upbringing. The experiences revealed the therapeutic beneficial effects of past-life regression. An interesting additional benefit was for over seventy percent death no longer held fear for them and they felt more connected to the universe. Religious and cultural upbringing did not appear to significantly affect the benefits.

Videos on the Soul Journey - July 2012

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A new series of four videos have been released on YouTube covering different aspects of a Soul's Journey.

The first is about past life regression and examines evidence to support reincarnation. The second covers the effect of energetic blockages on ill health from a spiritual perspective. The others are about soul memories between past lives and the effects of discarnate soul energy if it stay earthbound after physical death. In the first two years the videos have had over 100,000 viewings.

More information on the soul journey videos.