Past Life Regression Therapy and How It Heals

Past Life Regression therapy is a way of working with a person while in hypnosis to bring to the surface memories that appear to be past lives. These stories are rich in metaphorical interpretation by the client and the truth of them is less important than they provide a powerful transpersonal experience for healing when used by professionally trained therapists.

Are Past Lives Real?

Past Life Regression

A significant body of evidence has been accumulated to suggest children's past lives are real led by Dr. Ian Stevenson (1) a professor from the University of Virginia. He chose to collect thousands of cases of young children who spontaneously remembered stories that appeared to be past lives. He subsequently interviewed witnesses who had encountered the past life personality to verify if the facts were correct. His work was continued with Jim Tucker (2) a child psychiatrist and Bonner-Lowry Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. Children who are just beginning to talk are unlikely to have absorbed the information from the world around them like media, books etc. Often the information was so obscure it could not be explained away except through reincarnation. For example, one five-year-old child reported 49 specific details of a past life experience that was later verified by at least two independent witnesses who knew the past-life person.

Sceptics have suggested that the source of the information of adult past life memories is from cryptomnesia and confabulations that combine previous experiences and knowledge held in the subconscious below the level of conscious awareness mixed with imagination. It has also been suggested that the hypnotist may give leading suggestions. Whilst this may be true for some self taught hypnotists, professionally trained past life therapists only ask open questions like "What happens next" and "Tell me more".

There is growing evidence to suggest adults can experience real past lives. Shrouded Truth (3), a recently published book by Reena Kumarasingham explores the biblical past-life memories of eight souls who lived close to Jesus throughout his life. The book is based on the independent accounts accessed through hypnotic past life regressions of eight separate individuals who did not know each other and had no previous knowledge of each other’s accounts beforehand. And yet, each experience corroborates the others even though the details differ from the bible. And the differences are supported by modern day research by leading experts including biblical researcher Laurence Gardner, and Bart Ehrman professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina.

What are the Benefit of Past Life Regression Therapy?

While the outcomes of therapy can manifest anytime from days to months after the session, the healing effects are frequently dramatic and sometimes exceed expectations. It is not uncommon to hear of clients feeling transformed in such a way that the measurable symptoms of their problem disappear completely, and they are able to give and receive love and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged them in their current life. Some client’s may discover that they no longer fear death.

A wide range of medical disorders can benefit by past life regression. Research has shown it reduces ticks in Tourette Syndrome (4). Psychiatrists using past life and regression therapy have found it resolves unexplainable pain (5), asthma, (6) and autoimmune disorder (7).

Many irrational fears are often rooted in a past life. For example, fear of water related to a past life drowning, fear of snakes from being bitten by a snake and dying.

Eating disorders in the present life are often recreated memories of starvation, poverty and famine. Sexual difficulties may reflect underlying past life experience of sexual abuse and rape. Unexplainable guilt sometime stems from past life memories of having directly killed loved ones, or from feeling responsible for the death of others. Depression can be related to past life memories of the loss of a loved one, or despair from war and starvation. Unexplainable feelings of insecurity may be caused by past life memories of separation, abandonment or being orphaned (8).

Beyond physical disorders, the therapy is effective in relationship problems, low self-esteem (9), disturbing voices (10) or a struggle to find one’s life purpose (11).

Past Life Regression Therapy Theory

The theory behind past life regression is that everything in the universe is energy and has consciousness. Part of this consciousness splits off and is given an opportunity to experience and grow in human life. This is called a soul and it survives physical death. For more see Exploring the Eternal Soul (12).

One way the soul grows is by incarnating on Earth and experiencing difficult life situations and emotional challenges. If something is not completed in one life the soul returns to similar situations until it has been mastered. It is like the Earth is a classroom with different life lessons, and when one is mastered it proceeds to the next one. An important principal is free will, to be able to respond to life situations and through this experience and grow.


Pathophysiology of a Past Life Issue by Dr. Peter Mack from the book Life Changing Moments

When the spiritual forces inside a person are harnessed the individual can gain a sense of balance, peace and harmony and dispel the negative emotions and the confusions of life. A simple example is a Jewish client who hated Arabs and in a past life regression found himself in a past life as an Arab. Through the experience something inside him changed about his views of Arabs. And it is this awakening of the spiritual part through past life experiences that offers a new solution to old problems.

When tracing a clients consciousness backwards during a past life regression, the therapist is following the continuity of the soul energy. These memories are stored as part of energy fields that do not vanish and can be brought forward if the right commands is given. It is like a video recorder, if the right button is pressed the film is shown and a different command can skip forward or backwards. The content from this energy depository can be recovered while the client is in an altered state of consciousness during hypnosis.

How do People Regress into a Past Life

Past life regression is generally conducted in light hypnosis trace. Guided imagery can be used to allow the subconscious to tune into a past life. An example of guided imagery is going down a corridor with doors on either side and each leading to a past life, or going through a mist and emerging on the count of three in a past life.

How to Select a Past Life Therapist?

The market is unregulated and some therapists have just read a book on the subject or done on line training. This is fine for giving a past life tourism experience. If the objective is to resolve a personal issue that may involve clearing a deep emotional wound the therapist needs to have a wider range of skills which may include current life regression. Professionally trained Regression Therapists with these skills will have had training that meets international standards and belong international professional associations such as Spiritual Regression Therapy Association or Earth Association of Regression Therapy. If you had an issue and were going for a operation wouldn't you want a surgeon who was trained to the very highest standard and the same applies to therapy.

by Andy Tomlinson.
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