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Marit Fischer - Director of Soul Evolution




regression therapy workshop leader Marit Fischer

Marit Fischer is a Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist, high vibrational energy healer, and spirit release specialist. She is a supervisor of students training to become therapists through the Past Life Regression Academy, and is the Communications Director of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association — an International network of regression therapists who work cooperatively to share ideas and information to better serve clients, to conduct research in support of field advancement and further comprehension of human consciousness, and to promote regression therapy for widespread understanding and acceptance.

Marit is also a professional member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy. She is based in Spokane, Washington, where she welcomes clients from all over world. For more information, visit her at, on Facebook @MaritFischerSpiritualRegression, and on Twitter @Marit_Fischer and @SRTAssoc


Marit is an angel. With this sort of deep unconscious work, one would want an amazingly safe container and a skilled therapist to guide and assist. Marit is both. She is impeccable and sweet and caring and holds safe sanctuary. - K.C.

Marit Fischer listens. She acknowledges your unique circumstance. She personalizes your experience. She is a gifted guide. Most importantly, she supports healing and insights into a personal journey. I am indebted to her for helping me find and understand how to love my spirit guide. - P.H.

I have had the unique and powerful experience of receiving energy healing and Regression Therapy sessions from Marit. I can honestly say that my life is better thanks to Marit’s compassion, knowledge, and skill. I am better equipped to deal with life’s many challenges and have a clear sense of who I am and how to tap into my inner strength. - B.W.

Susan Hurley

Office: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Telephone: 204-612-8529

Susan Hurley - Past Life, Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Regression Therapist - North Carolina, USA

I am a counselor who works with Past Life Regression Therapy, Current Life and Inner Child Regression, Between Lives Spiritual Regression and energy healing. For 28 years, I worked as a counselor in the school system supporting students and their families in dealing with issues ranging from career exploration through the spectrum of trauma. That experience and my own deep explorations into healing have nudged me to explore the potentials of hypnosis and regression therapy. My goal is to support the movement of others into these deeper terrains to uncover, release and heal unconscious issues that are manifesting in their current lives. This work supports clients and their Soul-based explorations of healing, so they may develop more of their higher potentials and access greater joy and well-being in this lifetime.

My personal experience with healing through the exploration of past lives and their impact has been truly life changing for me. In 2005, I had a significant Kundalini opening. This event sent me into a Spiritual Emergency, which triggered a spiritual and emotional clearing that lasted about 10 years. While it was quite uncomfortable at the time, it opened up a capacity for me to experience my own past lives. During that time, I read and explored everything that I could on reincarnation. Through the exploration of the past lives that emerged, I came to realize the interconnectedness of my current life and the unhealed aspects from the past. During the subsequent training I did with the Regression Academy I was not only able to heal those lives but also learned to apply a therapeutic and spiritual framework to help others. I have also trained in Advanced Vibrational Energy Techniques that I use in conjunction with the hypnosis and regression process.

It is my aim to lovingly support others as they delve into their past to heal and reconcile their present issues. Everyone’s healing journey is unique and so the process we use to heal involves a variety of steps. Using a combination of the techniques of hypnosis, past and current life regression, inner child regression, energy work and Between Lives Spiritual Regression, the client and I work together as a team to move into optimal health and healing. The beauty of this work is that once the concern is explored in depth, it is frequently released from the field permanently.


Susan is an extremely gifted, loving, intuitive therapist. N.G.

In all instances I find her to be empathetic, professional and competent in her skills. Each session left me with profound changes that facilitated a deeper enrichment in my personal and spiritual life. Her gift is unique and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a client. C.H.

She is gentle to her core, and calmly provides a safe and loving space at her side and among her words to grant you access to your own deep and significant soul memories. She is your partner in this experience, and she is brilliant. M.F.