Online Spiritual Self Development

Information on online spiritual self development by Academy trainers to assist those moving to the new consciousness in transforming past lives, current life wounds, energy management, empowering the divine feminine and embodying the divine consciousness.

Soul Evolution 1 - Transforming Past Lives

transforming past lives

As souls we have chosen to incarnate on Earth to continue learning lessons incomplete from previous lives that are important for our personal growth and evolution. This online course enables you to experience these past lives and have spiritual tools to start the process of transforming them. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English, and the fee is £25. For more click here.

"I'm thrilled that you developed this course. I am aware of the enormous benefits of past life regression." Martha Escamilla.

Soul Evolution 2 - Spirit Release and Energy Management

spirit release online

An important part of soul evolution is the management of the energy field around us, needed for our health. It requires being protected and cleaned just like our physical body. This course teaches intuitive and spiritual tools to do this and clear Elementals, Spirit Release, and handle Curses and Black Magic. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English, and the fee is £25. For more click here.

Soul Evolution 3 - Transforming Current Life Wounds

current life transformation

This online course teaches a range of simple yet powerful techniques to handle current life emotions. It has exercises to start healing inner child wounds that have been shaping our unhelpful behaviours and relationship patterns. Used in conjunction with the other modules in the series it gives more tools for soul evolution. The course is by Andy Tomlinson in English and the fee is £25. For more click here.

"The course is a pure diamond packed with information and healing." Sonia Sarina Birrer.

Empowering the Divine Feminine

empowering the divine feminine online

Come heal and empower the Divine Feminine within and and shine like the radiant being you are. This is an in depth journey by Reena Kumarasingham for you to understand and empower the Divine Feminine and is suitable for both men and women. The fee is £99. For more click here.

Embodying the Divine Consciousness

embodying divine consciousness online

The course enables us to go within and to realign and embody the Divine Consciousness – our pure essence. Today with the rise of the new vibrations we have a choice. We can choose to stay in the belief of the external God, or we can incorporate the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness within. The course is by Reena Kumarasingham in English. The fee is £99. For more click here.