Online Hypnosis Training

The Past Life Regression Academy online hypnosis training has the same content and standard as the Academy classroom hypnosis training that has been offered internationally since 2002. Now available as distance training it offers students the opportunity to work from home and more flexibly fit it into their work schedules.

The Academy has trained over 500 students around the world with classroom based training. It has a high success rate of students going on to become professional therapists using hypnosis in their practice. This is because the course has been designed to cater for the different ways people learn, is practically based to quickly build skills, covers personalising hypnosis scripts to get therapeutic results and the qualities of the trainers and supervisors.

This online version in the English language also meets the requirements to join the Academy regression therapy training.

Unlike other online training you will have a personal hypnosis supervisor helping you though all parts of the training including working with clients. This means you will have the confidence and skills to work as a hypnotherapist when the training is complete.

The course language is English and the training including supervision and certification is £550. The key features are;

  • Videos replacing classroom tutor talks
  • A training workbook with questions to deepen your knowledge
  • Demonstration videos, scripts and practical sessions using three different types of hypnosis induction
  • Demonstration video, script and practical session using hypnosis deepening
  • Demonstration videos and practical sessions applying hypnosis in stress reduction and confidence building
  • Additional scripts applying hypnosis in smoking cessation, accelerated study, compulsions, exam success, fear of flying, golf improvement, nail biting, handling painful periods, public speaking, improving relationships, weight loss and self esteem strengthening
  • Supervision to guide you though the training, review your trance inductions, answer questions, help you write and personalise scripts, and monitor your work with your first five clients

The Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis enables students to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally in the areas taught. The student will need to have;

  • Completed the online training course and assignments
  • Produce hypnosis recordings for skill assessment
  • Completed the workshop hypnosis theory reading and question assignments
  • Produced a written summary of the sessions with five clients using hypnosis while under supervision


To apply download the application form. For more online hypnosis training information or contact:
Andy Tomlinson email;

Follow on Training

The online foundation hypnosis training meets the requirements to apply for the Academy Regression Therapy training and the combined training allows the graduates to apply for membership to hypnotherapy associations in most countries as a practitioner.